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Couples Therapy

We assume others show love the same way we do - and when they don't, we worry that it's not there. 

Amy Przeworski

When is the last time your relationship had a check up? 

It is all too easy for couples to feel the strain of focusing so much of their time and energy on work, raising children, household responsibilities, and hobbies to the point that they begin to emotionally drift in their marriage.  I love to help highly committed couples remember the heart of what brought them together, establish more effective communication patterns, learn how to have fun together again, feel more emotionally connected to their partner, and get excited about planning for their future. 

 I offer couples the option of completing a thorough online relationship checkup designed to highlight your strengths and growth areas as a couple.  The Gottman Relationship Checkup utilizes over 40 years of evidence based research on how to help relationships succeed.  To learn more about the Gottman Relationship Checkup please visit:



Afton Strate appeared on the Fox 4 Morning Show discussing the topic "Celebrating the Love in Your Life."

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