Premarital Therapy

Make it your goal to create a marriage that feels like the safest place on earth.

Greg Smalley

Congratulations on Your Upcoming Marriage!

Premarital Therapy is a pivotal investment with personal and relationship benefits that will last far beyond your wedding day.  I provide engaged and dating couples with essential relationship tools that will be important to your marriage.  Our time together is customized to your unique relationship needs and my training as a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator provides you with additional relationship exercises and resources to gain the most from our time together.  One of the many things that I enjoy about working with premarital couples is that I get to witness your relationship as you prepare for an exciting transition.  I would be honored to assist you with preparing for your future. 


Premarital Couples can look forward to:


  • Learning how to better understand and appreciate the differences between yourself and your partner.

  • Improve your communication skills.

  • Create personal, couple, or family goals for your marriage.

  • Explore how to prepare for future issues (including important topics like shared finances and budgeting).

  • Learn more about your individual families and how those relationships will impact your marriage.

  • Understand your relationship strengths and growth areas as you enter marriage.

To learn more about the Prepare-Enrich program visit:

816.585.3673 | | 8100 Marty Suite 107, Overland Park, KS 66204


—  M.K.

“Afton's passion for her work is reflected in her detailed therapy processes. In a time where there is pressure to "speed" things up, Afton's intentional warmth and kindness creates an environment that "paces down" the clients' anxiety and allows them to truly attend to the "healing" process.  Afton has developed a therapeutic style that allows her, within the process, to reflect her compassion for her clients and strengthen the therapeutic relationship. My work with Afton enhanced my personal and professional life.”